Arina is a German Shepherd cross of approx.. 4 years old. She is quite small in GSD terms as she is only about 20kg.

Sadly she spent half her life in a shelter in a barn with very little natural light. Despite this, she is a happy, lively, bouncy girl who loves her walks and loves chasing a ball round the garden. Most of all, she loves her human and follows me everywhere and would happily sit next to me on the sofa every evening, if allowed. She would make someone a fantastic companion. She is also quite the couch potato and is happy to be left for a few hours.

She is highly intelligent, very eager to please and hates being told off so she’d be easy to train to a higher level than she has learned here.

Other dogs: she is currently living with 2 bitches and a male dog. She shows jealousy towards the 2 bitches but loves the male dog so I think it best if she is homed with male dogs only, or as an only dog.

Cats: she ignores the cats in the house and I let her in my dining room where my old cat lives without worry. She has ignored the cats outside but she would chase if the cats ran. So best only homed with confident cats and if her new owners have experience of introducing a new dog to their cat.

She is a little shy of strangers but behaved fantastically on a trip to the vets; they all loved her and wanted to take her home!
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